Letters to the Editor

'Rash foolishness'

Sen Harry Reid said the "war in Iraq" is lost. He is wrong. We won the war in Iraq. It's over. In May 2003, when President Bush declared "mission accomplished," he was right. The Iraqi government was successfully overthrown and the weapons of mass destruction were not there.

What is "lost" or failed, if you will, is the occupation. Our military cannot be defeated, but as the generals have said, there is no military solution, only a political one. There is no defined enemy to "defeat."

President Bush cannot seem to understand that and appears only capable of thinking in terms of a military solution.

So what is the political solution? The Iraq Study Group formulated an approach that is being ignored. Maybe it's not realistic and perhaps a political solution is unattainable as well.

So how long do we stay in a situation with no solution in sight?

The pity is that our president's rash foolishness drew us into this mess in the first place.

Curtis Sisk