Letters to the Editor

'An enormous price'

The Bee's Other Opinions page April 24 portrayed a cartoon by Michael Ramirez of Sen. Harry Reid putting a white flag above the American flag that is being raised on Mount Suribachi during the battle to secure Iwo Jima.

Taking Iwo Jima in February 1945 resulted in 23,000 Americans killed or wounded as the last two years of the Pacific Theater became known as the killing years. Japan believed that if American casualties were excessively high, America would lose its will to continue the war. However, just the opposite was true, as Americans became even more determined to defeat Japan.

America now faces the same dilemma in Iraq. The terrorists and insurgents are determined to test the American people with higher casualties, and it is tragic that Senate Majority Leader Reid would capitulate to their exploits. While all Americans deplore higher casualties, is it feasible to abandon the fight now and pay a greater price when Iraq becomes a terrorist state?

Should Sen. Reid and his liberal cohorts prevail, we will all pay an enormous price in the future.

Ed Staples