Letters to the Editor

'Down a rathole'

The cartoon depicting Sen. Harry Reid supposedly demeaning the victories of U.S. troops is an insult to a majority of Americans who in surveys and in last November's elections declared the Iraq conflict is not worth the further drain of our blood and dollars.

The "war" part was over and won with the overthrow of Saddam Hussein and the setup of a new government. This follow-up police action in a cruel and bloody internecine combat is beyond the call of duty for our armed forces. I resent the use of the term "defending our country" for that service. They may be "serving," but who and for what? All the knowing high command and wise politicos admit this conflict cannot be resolved by armed force.

If some wish to call it "surrendering" to the plain facts, so be it, but our troops deserve better than being constant targets when an Iraqi majority also has expressed their desire to have us out. You should promptly display a counterbalancing cartoon showing a prominent Republican pouring our precious blood and monies down a rathole.

Don Redmond