Letters to the Editor

'Tolerance and respect'

Thank you for the story [April 22] about Cinthia Covarrubias, the transgender student nominated to be prom king. It is clear from her reaction that she was not doing this for attention.

It takes a strong person to stand by her convictions, especially at such a vulnerable age. She has the courage of her convictions and I applaud her and her school for allowing her to stand by those convictions. The argument that this may be unfair to the other students is not valid. She got enough votes to be nominated; that demonstrates the support of her peers.

One parent argued that this goes against "tradition." There was also a time when a biracial couple at the prom broke tradition. If we let "tradition" be the standard, what a limited world we would live in. I prefer a world in which such a brave person can help me broaden my views. I was moved and proud that many Fresno High School students and staff were supportive of Ms. Covarrubias. I hope this generation will teach the rest of us something about tolerance and respect.

Tami Ramage