Letters to the Editor

'Decades to recover'

Based on his recent testimony, Attorney General Albert Gonzales is either incredibly incompetent or a liar, or possibly both. Yet, based on Mr. Gonzales' testimony, the president's confidence in him has increased, and he has no intention of asking Mr. Gonzales to resign.

The president thinks that when all is said and done, history will judge him a great president. If he truly wants to go down in history, the greatest thing that he could do for this country is to resign right now, along with all those in his administration who share in his culpability.

I shudder to think what the next year-and-a-half is going to bring to this nation and the world with George W. Bush and his cronies continuing with their ill-advised policies. As it is, I think that it will take decades to recover from the damage he has already caused.

Michael Brown