Letters to the Editor

Just take a little walk

It's not a bad little walk over to Madera, you know. People looked at me as if I was nuts when they found out what I was doing, but when I was in Europe last year, people would go on such walks for the fun of it. I guess I picked up the habit.

It's kind of sad seeing all the farms up for sale, but that's California for you, isn't it? Also, I had to sleep in an olive orchard. Would it kill them to set up a patch of grass with a portable toilet and a faucet half-way along? It would also have been nice to have a sign pointing the way to the bridge over the river at Blackstone Avenue, too.

All over Fresno I see lots of gyms, chiropractors and physical therapists. I'm not saying people are nuts. I just don't understand why they think it is absurd to walk to Madera instead. Just between you and me, you don't get to smell the orange blossoms in a gym, chiropractor or therapist's office.

Martin Kilgore