Letters to the Editor

'Take a back seat'

I find the article published on April 19 regarding the effect Valley agriculture has on global warming in the San Joaquin Valley very interesting and, I hope, an eye-opener to a lot of people.

Temperatures vary from 11-18 degrees cooler during the hot summer days, due to irrigation of crops in the Valley. Wow.

I hope our Valley leaders and developers read that article and understand that, not only do we have the most fertile ground for growing crops, but due to farming we fend off the amount of heat felt in this Valley.

Let's face it, we are a desert between two mountain ranges. Our soil has been blessed. Think about the hot summer days in Fresno, then think how hot and miserable it could be if this place were all sidewalks and streets. We are very fortunate in the Fresno area to benefit from this. And people want to take that away from the Valley culture.

I will stand behind what I preach, "Save this rich farmland from the devastating effects of urban sprawl." Developers need to take a back seat in the Fresno area.

Eric Schmidt