Letters to the Editor

Turned off the mike

Michael J. Copps, one of five members of the Federal Communications Commission, wrote an article in the St. Petersburg (Fla.) Times, asking that community "whether the good folks of the town ... feel they are being well-served by the media. Are they getting the diversity of viewpoint they want? Do news programs provide real insight into what's going on in minority communities, or do they present a misleading caricature of Latinos and African-Americans? Is news and entertainment on TV and radio designed to appeal to viewers of all ages, or are broadcasters gearing their programming exclusively to the supposed interests of the prized 18-to-34-year-old demographic?"

Clearly the Fresno media target the prized audience. Do we really need five sports radio stations? The commissioner also writes, "Let's remember that American citizens, not TV and radio executives, own the airwaves. We give broadcasters the right to use these airwaves for free."

Fresno progressives were left out when their "microphone" was sold to create the city's fifth sports station, clearly against their desires. A local group has organized seeking a return of that microphone -- in the meantime, they are not at all well-served by the media.

Stephen Tarr