Letters to the Editor

How are we to know?

On April 21 about 6 p.m., about nine of us cousins went to Joe's Steakhouse on Van Ness just past Ventura Avenue for dinner. The parking meters state that on Saturday you have to pay until 6 p.m. unless there is an event going on. In that case you have to pay until 10 p.m. Well, we looked around and saw plenty of empty meters and assumed that there was no event.

We went inside the restaurant and then about a half-hour later the management told us that there was an event going on. A baseball game, I believe. So we all had to march on out and feed the meters.

What I am wondering is, do we citizens of Fresno pay someone to make stupid rules like that? How are you supposed to know if there is an event going on? Only in Fresno!

Merlin Kazarian