Letters to the Editor

'Make some noise'

My daughter attends Slater Elementary, and has had excellent instruction. But our school's test scores did not improve from last year. Now the state is coming into our school and implementing the state-adopted curriculum.

State-adopted curriculum consists of specific language arts and math material. Depending on the grade level the teacher must teach 2 to 21/2 hours of uninterrupted language arts (no break) and a mandated number of hours of math each day. When those two subjects have been completed, they have 10 minutes left to teach science, social science, art and music each day.

This is an outrage! Our students can no longer go on field trips, visit the library, or have computer lab during school hours -- and the list goes on.

As a parent I am saddened and disappointed in our school system. Our kids deserve a well-rounded education. They will no longer receive this at Slater if something isn't done. It has been proven that the arts improve test scores and the state is taking them away. I have called the superintendent's office and am still awaiting a call back. Help me make some noise, Fresno. We cannot allow this for our kids and our community.

Beth Hatch