Letters to the Editor

'Do what is right'

Why are we still fighting a pointless war? A clear majority of our citizens believe we should not be in Iraq. A majority of both houses of Congress believe we should not be in Iraq.

Imagine if the current administration would admit that the war was an incorrect reaction to the events of 9/11. Perhaps we might question their judgment. Perhaps they would be required to explain to the 3,300 families of our military dead that their loved ones died for an obvious error in judgment?

Our military has been very capable in carrying out its mission in Iraq. They have performed well in the worst of conditions. They have done the job as ordered by the current administration. How long do we ask them to continue to serve and sacrifice for an error in judgment? It is time for them to stand down. And it is time for them to come home.

It is high time for the people we have hired to govern this country responsibly, and to rein in an irresponsible administration.

Sometimes politicians need to do what is uncomfortable -- they need to do what is right.

Fred Oakes