Letters to the Editor

You can make a pie crust with vegetable oil

I read with interest the article in The Bee April 17, titled "Foods sans trans fat may not be healthier, doctors warn," Associated Press. In the last paragraph, the author stated, "But you can't make, say, a pie crust with olive oil." In the words of a well-known commercial, "Oh, yes you can!"

I have a recipe for pie crust made with vegetable oil instead of shortening. I've been using it for about 20 years. It can be made with any vegetable oil, including olive oil. With much experimenting, I have discovered that canola oil is the best to use for this recipe. It makes a pie crust with less than one gram of saturated fat per serving for a two-crust pie, and less than one-half gram of saturated fat per serving for a one-crust pie. That's about as heart-healthy as you can get for a pie.

The authors of such articles would be well advised to do some basic research before making such statements. Bakers can use vegetable oil instead of shortening. They just need to learn how.

Loran Hugh Parker