Letters to the Editor

Good for Fresno High

The April 22 article about the transgender person at Fresno High School running for prom king was very disappointing. It seems the media was unhappy with being shut out of the proceedings and focused on her loss, as reflected in the headline, rather than the fact that she was able to run at all in her chosen gender.

Transgender people are born with brains that do not match their anatomical gender -- this is medical fact. To participate in the election, she was forced to choose one of the two genders recognized by our binary-system society. The banished media focused on negative comments by ill-informed parents and students, rather than presenting a more balanced sample.

While I commend Fresno High School for allowing Cinthia Covarrubias' participation in the gender she feels most comfortable in, it would have been even better to use this opportunity to educate students and parents about what it means to be transgender.

Sue Stone, M.D.