Letters to the Editor

Constitutional limits

Does the tragedy at Virginia Tech not show us the desperate need we have to finally pass gun control legislation to limit the access to guns? Why is it that this male-dominated Supreme Court finds it perfectly acceptable to limit the kinds of medical care women can have but can't seem to find it acceptable to limit the kinds of weapons that people can have?

If women have a constitutional right to have an abortion and it is constitutional to limit the kinds of procedures they can have, then logically it follows that if people have a constitutional right to have a gun, it is also constitutional for us to limit what guns and types of ammunition they can have access to.

It is time to ban all guns except a very simple gun for hunting. Time to stop finding excuses and listening to stupid National Rifle Association slogans like "Guns don't kill, people kill people," and get it done. Just look at all the other countries that don't allow this type of gun culture to flourish and how little gun violence they have. This is really a no-brainer.

Sara Savary