Letters to the Editor

Tasy digest

Three comments from the editorial pages over the past few days:

Amy Goodman, though a more literate replacement to the late Molly Ivins, is still wrong when she invoked Howard Zinn (April 19), who thinks dissent is patriotic. Those who fought for freedom preserve a system that permits people to dissent. Big difference. Those on the far left who truly believe the Bush administration embodies tyranny, ergo validating their "patriotic" dissent, are fringe.

In Ginny Terrell's letter (April 20), she asks, "What does it take to get rid of a madman, either here or abroad?" This obvious reference to President Bush validates the previous paragraph.

Ellen Goodman's column (April 22) bemoans the Supreme Court's decision to ban partial-birth abortion. How any morally upright individual can justify such a gruesome procedure, as Ms. Goodman does, is unconscionable.

Those who advocate abortion of this type often do so in the context of women's rights. This tired argument can only be described as self-serving, immoral and valueless. For sure, the Justices' decision will preserve the lives of 2,000 children every year, an event that should be applauded. Eventually, all abortion will be rightfully relegated to the trash heap of history.

Christopher G. Tasy