Letters to the Editor

Stop whining

The Clovis Chamber and City Council should stop whining about the economic impact of the new development at California State University, Fresno. It's their own fault for their lack of planning and understanding basic public needs vs. tax revenue.

All one has to do is look at the development of Shaw Avenue since 1980, when most of Shaw was empty fields. Today, both people and retail are shying away from Shaw. Now they intend to make Herndon Avenue exactly like Shaw. Case in-point: the new development at the northeast corner of Willow and Herndon avenues. Whatever happened to the Herndon Expressway? No ingress or egress onto Herndon except every half-mile?

Well, we now have three lights in one mile. How fair is it to the developers at northwest and southwest Willow and Herndon with no access onto Herndon? Oh, that's right, none of those big retailers would come unless they had access to Herndon.

The list could go on and on, with Clovis planning with no reaction from its citizens because families like mine move here for the schools. Warning: When moving to Clovis, the schools are great. The City Council and Planning Department are still developing for the horse and buggy generation.

Craig Krieghoff