Letters to the Editor

Some of us want very much to go downtown

I suppose Pearl Morgan summed it up for all Fresnans in her letter "No one wants to go" (April 16).

While I agree that Fresno does not need yet another study for downtown, and that the plans for a manmade river are too "Disneyesque" for an urban environment, I do not agree that no one wants to go downtown.

I want to go downtown.

I want to have the opportunity to live, shop, work, eat, drink, see a ballgame or a movie and do all of these activities without the need of a car. Even River Park doesn't offer that opportunity.

I want to stroll down a bustling Fulton Mall, surprisingly one of the most comfortable outdoor spots to be on one of Fresno's infamous 110-degree days.

I want to live in a place where downtown employees could live close to work (yes, many actually want to), thus reducing freeway traffic significantly; a place where tourists might actually want to spend a night in Fresno, thus improving our economy; a place where downtown development would mean less drain on our precious resources.

I respect that everyone is allowed his or her opinion, but please, do not speak on my behalf.

Jamie Dronyk