Letters to the Editor

Supports Hanson

I want to add my name to those who support Fresno Unified School District Superintendent Michael Hanson.

I have been an active parent and volunteer for more than 12 years at several schools, and have seen the problems first-hand. I have witnessed the impact of different superintendents trying to tackle these problems.

One recurring issue has been campus safety, particularly at Edison High School, where my daughter is a senior.

Mr. Hanson has risen to the occasion by forming a commission on campus safety, with the intent to take action. Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer, a commission member, has already increased the number of officers dedicated to our campuses. Now, after years of silence, I am speaking out in support of the new and enlightened direction that Superintendent Hanson is taking.

Please don't forget that he was hired to lead us through a difficult period. He has led with determination, foresight and confidence. He displays intelligence, capability, kindness and a new excitement that even the students are acknowledging.

I appeal to the Fresno Unified board members: They play an important role through discussion and debate, but this man was hired to lead us. Please let him do his job.

Stacy Batrich-Smith