Letters to the Editor

Remedy for society

Mona Charen's column on American mass violence (April 19) was excellent. She is quite correct in stating that the problem is not the "means" (guns), but rather the corrupted soul of the mass killer. Our society does glorify and sensationalize killing. That needs to change.

But let me suggest that Ms. Charen did not go far enough in her analysis of the problem. The deeper problem is not just psychological, but also spiritual. Since World War II our society has been on "me-first" rampage of blatant selfishness and egocentrism. This turning of our values has been gradual, but constant. The "me-first" mentality is now so prevalent it has become a guiding principle.

It has guided our lawmakers, for example, to justify killing unborn children as "a mother's right." The accepted justification of any action is "What do I get out of it?" The slogan "You deserve it" is now a marketing standard. And in such a society, anyone and everyone who does not get what they "deserve" is justified, in their own minds, at striking back at society. This problem has a remedy: following the one who said, "It is more blessed to give than receive."

Dr. Rodney J. Nidever