Letters to the Editor

'Who will defend us?'

With the rash of shootings in our schools, I'm expecting our leading Democrats to cut off funding to education and demand that security personnel be pulled back.

With many large American cities running rampant with gangs who actually shoot police officers, I'm expecting leading Democrats to cut off funding to those cities and demand that all police officers be pulled back.

With fanatical international terrorist organizations swearing to kill Americans and destroy America, it's only logical that we cut off funding to our troops and demand they return home.

It is only by this heroic action that we will be able to fight them all right here in our own streets.

Great plan.

Adult students at Virginia Tech, with legal permits to carry concealed weapons, were not allowed to do so on campus. Campus policy, for our "safety," apparently overrides the Constitution. If we, the law-abiding citizens of a supposedly free nation, are not allowed our rights, who will defend us when our time comes?

J.R. Froelich