Letters to the Editor

'Daily diet of violence'

Why are we so surprised when a young person explodes into a rampage and kills? Each young person is fed a daily diet of the most heinous violence and sexual immorality by our so-called entertainment industry. It seems that each TV show tries to one-up the other on the violence scale, and the music industry has fallen into a huge sewer and spews forth debauchery at a rate we can't understand.

Why do we as a society support this? I value our freedom as much as anyone, but it is truly time to put a check on this slide we are on to total immorality. I will not be surprised if in a few years we see people hurry to the sports arena to see two young men face off, fight each other to the death, as the crowd cheers and collects their bets.

Our impressionable youth simply cannot be exposed to this constant stimulation of violence and not have some react in the way this last young man did by exploding into violent acts.

Jacquelyn Smiser