Letters to the Editor

Well-planned libraries offer respite from noise

Shhhh! Someone's working here!

I wanted to let readers know that our local libraries are wonderful places to get some work done. A few years ago, when the Woodward Park Branch of the Fresno County Library system opened, I was very pleased to have dedicated quiet rooms in which to do some work.

Sarah Miller's commentary [April 16] brought to light a few issues that I wholeheartedly agree with -- the library of today is too noisy, few libraries maintain quiet environments and people can be selfish about respecting others' needs.

Thanks to the designers of our local libraries for providing several areas for peace and quiet. If I wanted to spend time with noisy children, I would just stay home with my four kids, or try to do my work at the mall -- a typical and appropriate teen hangout for socialization.

Kathleen Lozano