Letters to the Editor

'A doctor's doctor'

Fresno lost a doctor's doctor April 10. Gary Matson finally lost his year-long battle to kidney cancer.

Dr. Matson was a family-care physician who treated his patients with great care and compassion. He made sure staff members found a time to get sick patients into his office that day, not tomorrow.

Dr. Matson became my doctor in 2004. After trying every fad diet without success, a friend recommended that I get serious about weight loss and see Gary, who specialized in that field.

In a matter of a few months, he carved 25 pounds off my frame and convinced me that through exercise I could keep it off. I'm a three-year success story and counting.

In my heart, I always believed Dr. Matson would beat his cancer and return to his practice so I could tell him face to face that he was more than just a person who practiced medicine.

Sadly, I never got the opportunity to have that talk with Dr. Matson. But I felt the need to let his family and the community know that Dr. Matson set the bar high in the medical community.

He was the best!

Rich Rodriguez