Letters to the Editor

'Homeless are ignored'

Fresno can have a zoo tax which benefits the animals. But no one steps up to the plate for a "people" tax. There's this big controversy going on about portable toilets for the homeless. Human beings aren't allowed the extravagance of a toilet?

There should be a building on Monterey Street with real, flushing toilets, a sink to wash hands and even a shower. That's the least this city should do!

The city made sure sidewalks were ramped so people in wheelchairs could maneuver better. But the fundamental necessities of homeless people are ignored.

As for Mark Johnson (letter April 15), I guess he never heard the phrase, "There, but by the grace of God, go I." I sure hope he never needs a helping hand in this life because there's not a lot of empathy/mercy/caring/kindness being given out.

Venice McElvany