Letters to the Editor

'The same attention'

The tragedy at Virginia Tech was just that -- a profound tragedy. I mourn the loss of all those who were taken in an incident that I can't even begin to understand. The sudden loss of a loved one, and I've had my share, is especially difficult to deal with.

I don't mean to make light of that terrible tragedy in any way, or demean what happened to those killed, or their families. But why are we not giving the same attention to the slaughter of our soldiers and the Iraqi people, who are killed in like numbers on a daily basis? Are their lives any less noble? What about Darfur?

I guess my questions would be: Why is it only a tragedy if it happens on our soil? Why are we not seeing the same daily coverage of these tragedies from around the world? What does it take to get rid of a madman -- either here or abroad?

Ginny Terrell