Letters to the Editor

'Armed resistance'

I think the time has come that we all must assume more responsibility for our own safety. I think it is unfair and unreasonable to expect the police to be able to protect us in all situations. The latest college mass murder and the airline takeover on 9/11 are both examples of what I mean.

On three of the flights, an effective effort to regain control of the aircraft was not realized and all perished, including thousands on the ground. However, on one plane the passengers fought back successfully and the loss of life was greatly minimized. What if there had been one or more qualified Virginia Tech students or teachers who had chosen to be and were armed? Could that have dropped the death toll of 33 to only 10 or 15? Maybe even only two or three?

Guns don't kill people, people kill people! The shooter is going to express his anger one way or another. Had he known it was possible to meet armed resistance, he might have chosen to destroy property instead. Maybe it's time to reconsider our concealed-carry laws and let those law-abiding citizens who desire a permit have them.

Alicia Brown-Docken