Letters to the Editor

'Desensitized to death'

The heartache of our nation in the aftermath of the Virginia Tech murders has caused all the media analysts to explore how this could happen, why the young man would do such a thing. It isn't a mystery, if we take a honest look at ourselves and the atmosphere of death we have become accustomed.

It is everywhere -- TV, movies, video games and music. Don't agree? Just count the number of shows on television about death, murder and criminals in one evening. The graphic details of a murder on television have become more gruesome with each new TV season. These shows are an inevitable "sign of the times."

Once we were all given the legal right to take the life of an unwanted, unborn child we started the wheel in motion. When we no longer preserve the sanctity of life, gradually, we became desensitized to death. Twenty years ago we would have been shocked at what we see on TV now.

We have been very successful at slowly removing God from our nation. In that, we have forgotten who we were created to be. Taking God out of the equation makes us no better than animals, thus our behavior.

Cynthia Lipe