Letters to the Editor

A world of possibilities with downtown water

I'm not sure the City Council is all that wet in the proposal study of a downtown waterway. But maybe the city needs to look at a wider picture.

Not only should Fulton Mall be swamped, but also Van Ness, Fresno, Tulare and surrounding streets. Surround the courthouse and downtown library.

The city could import gondolas from Venice. Visitors downtown could be romanced in the Fresno moonlit evenings.

Inmates at the jail could see their families floating by. Those going to jury duty could enjoy a slow relaxing ride prior to service.

Maybe the city needs to expand the waterway up Blackstone. Or even to River Park. Incorporate the various canals that run through the city. Another place to dump stolen cars and shopping carts!

Heck, the city could save by taking old FAX buses, cutting off the roof and adding pontoons. Think of the possibilities -- maybe connect to Lake Millerton! Another Leaky Acres but with an income -- very romantic!

Small watercraft could be rented to race up and down the waterways! And Fresno could have a new division of Harbor Patrol. If Hotel Fresno ever burned, the easy access to water would save a bunch!

Jared McCall