Letters to the Editor

'No more closed doors'

Wow! Good column by Bill McEwen on how City Hall deals with law-breaking city officials (April 15). As a blue-collar city employee of 21 years, I could go on about how when we make a mistake, we are "grilled" by management. The discipline on even minor mistakes would shock the general public. Extended suspensions and terminations are "unreal" in some cases that don't warrant such harsh discipline.

But at City Hall it takes the media and lawsuits to bring to light any wrongdoing by our elected city officials. Those who make mistakes there usually get off with a slap on the hand. When any city employee has a legitimate complaint about wrongdoing from their superiors, it falls on deaf ears. Business as usual -- until it makes headlines and costs taxpayers in legal fees.

Accountability just isn't for city employees who work the streets, but those at City Hall as well. Just because you earn a fat salary and wear a tie does not mean you are above rules, regulations and punishment. Let's have no more closed doors at City Hall, but rather a transparent local government so we can see what's really going on.

Tony Cruz