Letters to the Editor

'Pleasant memories'

I was saddened to read about the passing of actor Roscoe Lee Browne. In 1970, I was a junior at USC, taking a class called 20th Century American Literature to fulfill my lit requirement. One day, the professor informed us that the following Tuesday, Mr. Browne would be visiting a certain nighttime literature class to read poetry, and we would all be required to attend.

I was outraged, because I had never been a poetry fan, and I would miss my favorite TV show, "Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In." At that time, I had never heard of Roscoe Lee Browne. So, I angrily attended the class as required.

It turned out to be a thoroughly enjoyable evening. Mr. Browne kept the class well entertained that evening with his great sense of humor. He read some poems, recited others from memory, all the while adding voice intonations and actions that his acting experience had taught him.

Most of the poems were humorous and upbeat. But even those that were sad or depressing were enhanced by his presentation of them. My anger quickly disappeared. I still have the most pleasant memories of that evening. He will be greatly missed.

Jim Sherman