Letters to the Editor

Can't explain it

Please enlighten me on a plausible reason for someone to set fire to a children's playground [story April 12]. I can only think of four.

An arsonist gets a thrill from watching the flames. Conversely, it seems very difficult to set flame to a playground. How does one get it to burn?

An insurance fraud for money -- but one cannot collect money from a playground one does not own.

A jealous individual wants to take away something they admire. Could it be possible that the blaze-setter resents the fact their home turf has no nice park, so they destroy one that looks like what they wish they could have?

A sadist gets joy from experiencing the pain of others. Happy, joyful feelings overflow, to be able to witness disappointment and pain come to children who usually have a good time at the park and are now barred from playing there?

I can't image that any of these four examples are reason enough to go to all of the trouble it must take, plus the added risk of getting caught in the act.

A.V. Molnar