Letters to the Editor

'Shocking reminder'

The main message of The Bee editorial (April 12) on the Rutgers girls' basketball team boils down to The Bee's distaste for talk radio. Don Imus' vacuous insult was already known, so The Bee and letter writers hyping it as a race crisis, even elevating the girls to Rosa Parks/greatness/victim/genius status, seems overreaching, if not inflammatory.

More revealing: The partisan Bee, in a moment of carelessness equal to Imus', takes a swipe at Rush Limbaugh for being "slavishly partisan," but has yet to editorialize on the far more "unwarranted" Duke lacrosse case.

Imus' gaffe pales in comparison to the treatment (without sufficient evidence) of the Duke males as criminals whose lives and liberty were up for sacrifice. If Duke's team had been black females, would they have been treated as the white males were? After a century of coeducation and "empowerment," are today's college-educated girls actually so vulnerable to life's clownish Imuses? Comparing the degree of offensiveness, does being insulted by a bungling show-business host measure up to criminal charges by a Durham district attorney?

The whole episode is a shocking reminder for Americans to confront their own hypocrisy regarding sex and race.

W. Edward Chynoweth