Letters to the Editor

Use Earth Day as a catalyst for new behavior

With Earth Day approaching [April 22], I challenge everyone who is concerned about climate change to make a renewed commitment to the earth. We can each make one major change in our lives this year or make one small change each month. Just make sure you choose something that you are sure to do.

What about buying solar panels for your home? What about a new evaporative cooler for your home instead of air conditioning? What about a new bike to ride to work?

Need something simpler? How about changing to earth-friendly cleaning products? How about hanging the sheets to dry on a clothes line? How about buying used items whenever you can?

Not convinced human activity is contributing to climate change? Make the changes for the money you will save.

I'm going for one change a month. This month I started buying milk in returnable glass bottles. In May I plan to buy a pressure gauge to regularly check the tire pressure on my car. We can always do more.

What will you do?

Liza Robinson