Letters to the Editor

Unrecognizable nation

When the Supreme Court gave the presidency to George W. Bush and his team, it seemed that we had a reason to be optimistic. We were promised honesty and integrity. George W. Bush swore an oath to protect the Constitution. He also promised that he would advance the people's interests.

How naive we were. Absolutely none of these promises were kept. Instead, we have given the highest office in the land to raiders of our laws, our values and our world standing. We are being pillaged by an administration peopled with too many who are not interested in America, but in profits and power for themselves and their loyal sycophants. And the man in the Oval Office acts as if we, the people, don't count for much at all.

So much is kept secret in the name of national security, it's difficult to name them all. How can people know what kind of nation they live in, if so much is off limits? What is being done in our name? We have no idea. We knew what America was, but I fear that if all secrets were known, our America would seem twisted and distorted out of all recognition.

Melinda Sisson