Letters to the Editor

'More in common'

I have long had an affectionate feeling for the towns, both large and small, throughout the San Joaquin Valley. We have much more in common than we do with other areas of our country (and might I add that many of those other areas look down their noses at us). Thus, I feel compelled to respond to Ken Robison's negative column [April 10] comparing Fresno and Bakersfield.

It does not seem to accomplish anything to indicate that either Bakersfield or Fresno or any other Valley town is better in regard to a myriad of factors (at least not to put down each other).

We should celebrate our victories, such as two of the places mentioned in the column: the Fresno Metropolitan Museum and Bakersfield's Kern County Museum -- a 16-acre indoor/outdoor museum featuring park-like grounds filled with historic buildings dating from 1868 to 1936. These are two of the best museums of their kind in the country.

I invite Fresnans to experience the Kern County Museum April 28-29 during the annual History of Heroes event that honors our veterans who have served our country.

Be proud of our Valley and celebrate the good things it has to offer.

Jeff Nickell