Letters to the Editor

Mills is doing her job

Once again The Bee has taken an opportunity to speak poorly about Fresno Unified School District Board President Carol Mills. Has it occurred to anyone on The Bee staff that it is her job to question Fresno Unified policy as a board member?

The school board, in the past, has been a rubber stamp for the superintendent. Ms. Mills and other board members are now asking questions before blindly agreeing to everything.

You would think that the waste and expense of our former superintendent would make people appreciate a school board that doesn't follow blindly, allowing one person to waste our district's precious funds. Carol has a history of being there for her community, and for listening to the people in the Fresno High School area. She takes those concerns back to board meetings. That is her job, what she was elected to do. It is too bad she is attacked for it.

Kacey Auston