Letters to the Editor

Mutual need

As a Mexican-American, I love both countries and their people -- they need each other. Mexicans need the jobs in America and Americans need the Mexican people to do the jobs.

So why don't the leaders here help each other? Terrorists are not going to come in through the Mexican borders. They don't want to suffer or be caught. They have learned how to do it easier. They come by plane, by boat and through Canada.

God knows there are a lot of differences between terrorists who are overseas and the good, hard-working Mexicans. I'm also tired of hearing about Elvira Arellano, hiding in a church. God is not going to help her there. She has been stalling for time, breaking the law. No one is separating her from her son; she can take him with her. She can fix her papers and come back.

I don't approve of the round-ups of poor, innocent people. Police go looking for someone and end up taking the wrong people. The poor kids are left alone and traumatized. That's inhumane and puts them in danger.

Those policemen should be put in jail and whoever orders them to do that, too.

Maria Alvarez