Letters to the Editor

Fire Santa too?

I had a visit from my younger sister and her two sons (5 and 7 years old). We were discussing the "hot topic" -- Don Imus' inflammatory comments that covered the front pages of newspapers and other media. Suddenly my 5-year-old nephew, Tom, who is always very inquisitive, asked us "What does the word ho mean, and why is everybody so upset, and why was Don Imus fired?"

We did not know how to explain to an innocent little boy the meaning of the word "ho" and where it came from. We finally said that it was a bad word and that it should not be used to ladies.

Tom suddenly look so sad and said, "Does that mean that Santa will be fired too because he said 'Ho! Ho! Ho!' to everybody, including ladies and little girls?" Maybe for Tom "ignorance is bliss."

Holly Le