Letters to the Editor

Time to 'come clean'

I've been thinking about writing for a while now, but it was the recent story in The Bee that told of the Madera County board of supervisors voting to "give" $3.2 million to the city of Madera for an overpass that finally got me to do it. In short, Madera County needs some scrutiny; it needs a lot of scrutiny.

Things are not adding up -- literally. They give money away, while many county roads are so bad, it shakes your vehicle to pieces to drive them. The interchange promised at Highway 41 and Avenue 12 was never built because the county claimed poverty; this after promising the state and Children's Hospital Central California that it would be built.

This giveaway of our tax dollars is unacceptable, and someone should shine a very bright light into Madera County politics. Something is not right, and I think that it's time to ask Madera County to come clean.

Tom Marxmiller