Letters to the Editor

'Couple of phonies'

Regarding the recent Don Imus dust-up -- Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are the last two people on this planet to be hammering Imus.

Both Jackson and Sharpton have plenty of baggage from their past encounters in civil rights confrontations to make their crocodile tears of morality suspect.

Yes, Imus screwed up and he apologized. Let's move on. But, no! Now Rev. Sharpton is showing his true motive for revenge by demanding that Imus' employer fire him immediately.

Incidents such as Michael Richards' racial rant and the Imus incident give so-called "Christian" ministers like Revs. Jackson and Sharpton the opportunity to parade themselves before the public as the watchdog gatekeepers of free speech and morality.

Where's all that so-called Christian forgiveness that Revs. Jackson and Sharpton like to preach about?

What a couple of phonies!

Glover S. Poole