Letters to the Editor

'Claim ignorance?'

I've got a lot of thoughts about the Don Imus controversy and those who are defending his remarks as nothing worse than what we hear in black rap lyrics.

Imus was very specific in calling black members of the Rutgers ladies basketball team "nappy-headed hos"; rapper words, as disgusting and demeaning as they are, make reference to women as a whole, not in specificity.

What on earth was funny or amusing, as old Don seems to deem them, about his utterances?

In my day (long past), there would have been fathers, grandfathers, brothers and husbands looking to defend daughters', granddaughters', sisters' or wives' honor with a bit of mayhem delivered on the person of Mr. Imus.

Maybe MSNBC and CBS, in their firings, are trying to protect themselves from the distinct possibility of civil lawsuits; certainly appropriate unless Imus can prove that those young women were, in fact, "hos." Or would he claim ignorance in the meaning of the word?

Pat Stidham