Letters to the Editor

Red-light runners a bigger threat than gangs

There was much concern about a flu pandemic striking this country last winter. A pandemic has been raging in Fresno and nothing has been done.

I'm referring to the high incidence of red-light runners. The police acknowledge it is a huge problem but apparently do nothing.

I have the utmost respect for the police, but I think that the desire to end the gang problem has left us vulnerable to other more imminent dangers. I don't believe a gang member has ever put me in danger, but I know that every day that I drive, my safety is put in danger by red-light runners. I have almost been hit twice by a left-turn red-light runner, and saw a young boy almost run over by one.

Due to the lack of enforcement of traffic laws, there is an increased disrespect for the law. People know that they will not be caught and punished, so they do more unlawful acts.

It's time for the citizens to demand more police officers to protect us from red-light runners.

George Meyers