Letters to the Editor

The real problem

In his column April 11, Dan Walters again blames the car tax for the budget deficit. He writes: "In 2003, when Schwarzenegger was running for governor to replace Davis, who was being recalled, he was pressured by McClintock -- another candidate for governor -- and others on the Republican right to reinstate a $4 billion-plus-per-year reduction in property taxes that Californians pay on their cars, a revenue loss to local governments that the state had to make up out of its already deficit-ridden budget ... If Schwarzenegger had not done that, his budget probably would be balanced today."

Really? In the fiscal year that followed Davis's increase in the car tax (2003-04), the state ran a $1.6 billion general fund deficit. In the fiscal year that followed Schwarzenegger's rescinding that tax (2004-05), the state ran a $2.4 billion surplus.

Since that year, revenues have increased $11.8 billion. Spending has increased $22.3 billion.

Any questions?

Tom McClintock

State Senator, 19th District