Letters to the Editor

'What is normal?'

Man, by his nature, attempts to assign order where there is none. Weather, by its nature, is ever changing and chaotic at best.

There are a dozen different temperatures at any given time in the state of California alone. Indeed, temperatures can vary several degrees in the same city, depending upon where the measurement is taken. For instance, I suspect the temperature is generally cooler in the middle of Roeding Park than it is at the airport. What is "normal?" What is "average?"

When the "Gorebal Warming Prophets of Doom" can accurately and consistently predict, within one degree, the temperature tomorrow or even next week, perhaps I will start believing they are right when they predict the whole earth will warm three to four degrees in the next 50 or 100 years.

Coincidentally, on the front page of the April 11 Bee, there appeared the following: "Chance of p.m. showers." I rest my case.

Jerry Hightower