Letters to the Editor

'Who is more deserving?'

On Jan. 11, Bill McEwen's column slammed Table Mountain Rancheria for donating $10 million to Fresno State, then he turned around and praises Boeing for a $4 million donation to the college a month later. I have known Rancheria members all my life. They are truck drivers, loggers, business people and have always been big contributors to all the local charities.

Not only do they contribute to our community, they spend the majority of their profits right back into the community. They are one of the biggest locally owned employers, which means most of their payroll is spent locally. And when Chukchansi starts distributing their profits to their members, the community will benefit more.

We have a local columnist criticizing Dr. John Welty for accepting this donation and criticizing one of our biggest contributors to local education. How much is Mr. McEwen giving Fresno State this year?

And who is more deserving to have their name on the library? After all, they have lived in this area for thousands of years. Mr. McEwen should do everyone a favor and move to Seattle.

Lou Williams

North Fork