Letters to the Editor

'So nauseating'

I would try to keep track of the hundreds of thousands of dollars the Fresno City Council has spent to "study" something. I would, but it would be too embarrassing for the council to actually have a complete list.

Another $50,000 to "study" the possibility of a waterway downtown? The Bee says, "City officials only have a rough idea of what a downtown river would look like [story April 11]." What good did the first $120,552 do? That much money and they can't even give the council an idea of what it would look like? No guarantee on the results?

When I spend money, I expect to get something in return. But I don't have a bottomless pit full of GOSTP money -- that's Good Ol' Sucker Tax Payer money.

It is so nauseating to read, so often, of another "study" -- $172,552 would be a pretty good down payment on a puddle.

It is so nauseating to read, so often, of the city/county/school/whatever getting a "grant." Do they actually believe a "grant" is free money? Didn't mommy ever tell them that nothing is free? Oh, I keep forgetting -- GOSTP.

Ronald H. Smith