Letters to the Editor

'City's reputation'

I am glad to see that "The Fresno City Council agreed to spend an additional $50,000 deciding whether a decades-long dream of adding a lake or river to downtown is still worth pursuing. Mayor Alan Autry has pushed the idea as a way to revitalize downtown."

I am glad to see that our civil servants are willing and able to spend money to improve Fresno. I'm tired of miserly Fresnans refusing to spend money in the vague name of so-called "conservatism," then complaining that Fresno is like a boring pile of garbage.

However, Mayor Autry (and I presume his constituency) needs to change his attitude and lingo. The pinpoint goal of "a way to revitalize downtown," is wrong-headed and small-minded. The grand goal should be to make Fresno nice, to make it a cool place. Not mere good shopping!

We need to toss out that boring, overly focused, greedy language and that which it inevitably reaps. Fresnans are tired of being treated as small-minded pawns -- like shoppers. If we cater to the small-minded, they will, and indeed have, flourished in our leadership. Above all, any city's reputation is from a state of mind.

Doug Bashford