Letters to the Editor

Playing the 'race' card

Here we go again. According to Jess "Consafos" Sanchez Barroso [letter April 10] everything has to do with race. Never mind that these people crossing our borders are doing it illegally, which is a crime against the United States.

Hooray for the "Minutemen" -- they are doing a great job, and I have yet to see this "HBO documentary on any mistreatment of illegals." I am always suspicious of anything the left-wing liberals claim.

Why is it so hard for some to accept the fact that these people are entering the United States illegally? Unfortunately, they put their families in jeopardy, and whose fault is that? It has been estimated that it will cost every household in the U.S. $6,500 per year in additional taxes to fund all of these illegals. This is just unacceptable.

As for Canada, if what Mr. Barroso says is true (very doubtful), then we need to do the same on that border.

Get off the "race" card.

Fred Willits