Letters to the Editor

Help, don't litigate

Owners of the Hotel Fresno continue to be needlessly harassed and threatened by Fresno city lawsuits that not only hinder their progress, but also waste their valuable time and money.

After suffering more than 20 years of neglect, an investment company is finally interested in the restoration and reuse of the Hotel Fresno. Please, allow them to spend their money on the cleanup and restoration of the hotel, not on lawsuits.

Twenty years of neglect cannot be solved overnight. The city of Fresno should work with the current owners, the International Credit Corp., not against them as they restore this once-grand hotel.

Downtown Fresno can rise from the debris of neglect if the city of Fresno will change its attitude and strategy from lawsuits to cooperation. The new motto for downtown Fresno should be: Restore -- Reuse -- Recycle.

Paula Mickalian