Letters to the Editor

How smart is she?

We are told that Hillary Clinton would make a good president because she is the "smartest woman in the world." Consider:

This is the person who was surprised and deceived by her husband about his widely publicized affairs.

She was "fooled" by President Bush about Iraq, even though she told Code Pink that she had "independently researched the matter" and satisfied herself that the war was justified. We now conveniently forget that the Clinton administration took military action against Saddam Hussein and called for "regime change."

As "co-president," the Clinton administration was duped (former Secretary of State Madeline Albright's words) by North Korea about their intentions to continue developing nuclear weapons after we gave them millions to develop the peaceful use of nuclear power.

Furthermore, her memory is far worse than Scooter Libby's. When questioned by a grand jury, she "couldn't remember" (250 times) details about the Whitewater affair, even though she was a member of the legal firm that was involved.

Does this sound like a good candidate for president?

James A. Arthur